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What started as a woman owned business in 1974 by Betty Ray has turned into a multigenerational and family owned multitude of companies. Today Betty, George, Chad, and Jodi Ray are leading their teams based off one core belief: meet the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. Some call that the definition of sustainability and others call that leaving the world better than how one found it. We are leading the charge and carrying a shield of green to break through the lines of complancency and the fear of change. The shield is a symbol of leadership, determination, and battle. We are doing our small part in leading the fight for a more sustainable planet, good stewardship for our planet. and the charge given by our creator to have dominion over and take care of all living things. We respect the opinions of others but are so thankful to live in a country where we can stand up for our beliefs as well. We also believe in and practice the triple bottom line principal, which I define as achieving financial profits in a free market system that does not jeopardize the planet and also stand's up for the social justice of all people. If you also believe in what is important to us, we can help you in some way. We look forward to helping each other. Relationships are what we specialize in growing and building the best.

Please use this site to find all of our products and services we have through our websites.

Olde Heritage Builders Logo

New home builder of all certified green and energy star homes. Our goal is constant improvement.

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Energy Savers Logo

We specialize in doing energy audits and energy remodels on existing homes. We are bonus room comfort experts among many other things.

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Build Trust Contractors Logo

Our focus is on home owner maintenance, remodeling, and additions with sustainability, healthier homes, and comfort at the forefront of everything we offer.

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Ray Family Farms

Pasture raised and free range meats, fresh cut flowers, vegetables, honey, and more raised using organic growing methods.

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Olde Heritage Commercial

Light commercial buildings and commercial up fit work with a focus on green building techniques. We also do energy upfits on commercial property.

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Green Me Up Consulting

Chad Ray and his team have over 8 years experience in building certified green homes and retrofitting existing homes to be more comfortable, cost less to operate, and be more valuable.

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Shumont Mountain Village

Calling all nature lovers to the beautiful southwest mountains of NC near Lake Lure for sustainable mountain living and a vacation rental specializing in a couple or family outdoor enthusiast retreats.

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The Green Building Guy

Let Chad come speak at your event or conference on how green building affects everyone and what a great importance a more sustainable future has on us all.

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NC Green Building Jobs

This is an online posting board for green building jobs throughout North Carolina. Post jobs and look for jobs here!

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My Towns Green Buzz

You can find out what local green events and educational opportunies are happening around the triangle. Another great aspect of the site is help finding local green businesses.

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The Greater Good Network

People helping people has always been how the world has moved forward together. See our vision of a great way to accomplish such a important task that can be recreated all over the world.

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